Moe Timcoe

The NTL actually started as a ‘hobby’ of collecting tow shop numbers all over my local area, so if I, or any family, or friends needed help, I could get it for them. Especially when I was out of area, which is when most calls came in. Then the local area became Metro Boston, and so on. When it came to a good friend needing help and I wasn’t around, I called a friend that helped out. That told me I needed to start gathering more numbers. A 5-subject notebook holds quite a bit of info, and that filled FAST!!

I personally see the ‘founding’ of the NTL as March 8th, 2008, which also happens to be my oldest daughter Mikayla’s birthday, when I started the second notebook. But this was not enough!! In 2010 someone showed me how to use the ‘pages’ app on Facebook and I felt the NTL was going electronic soon.

Then it happened. A friend calls from 1/2 way across the country and received help within minutes. Doesn’t matter what the help was, it was there. So I started gathering numbers of shops along her travel route. Little did I know a random Facebook page would have people’s attention in other places. A shop contacts me from the other side of the U.S. and asks to be listed. You can see where that went. After a few months, I had to split the Facebook page, and the .com, using the site for the list, and Facebook became a hobby of ‘fresh post only’ tow, repo, and recovery news, posting every day (so if you follow the industry, follow the page or Twitter- link on upper right of each tab) by 12pm, eastern.

Now a web-designer (Tim Leu from the former Wolf Spirit Design), and brother tow op at the time, contacts me about the first .com I had. It needed help BAD!! But I had no clue how to do it. With his talent and a random, fresh idea, the NTL lists in almost 40 countries, and is adding more weekly.

And as far as I know, as of now, the NTL is the ONLY, legally licensed Tow Association of this manner (licensed through Washington State, U.S.A.) and magnitude. Also, we are the largest “Tow Phonebook” on the planet, and we are growing daily. It never has, and never will cost ANY shop to be listed. Just fill out one of the “Get Listed” tabs.

To my friend A.Y.: It’s amazing what a simple text started, and I honestly hope you smile every time you see the page and site!!

To our newest listed co-owner Mikayla, my daughter, I am SO honored that you decided to come aboard, and I will help you with everything needed to make this as successful as possible!!

To our former co-owner Dianna: Thousands of miles, 20 years, and tons of dreams and you’ve helped see this through. You truly are my Angel! No matter what is going on in the world, I OWE you the props for this, since you helped with the original .com!

To ALL listing shops: You are responsible for keeping the roads moving safely, and from a ‘brother-of-the-cable’, I PERSONALLY commend each and every one of you for partaking in one of the toughest industries this world has to offer. We are all the ‘unsung heroes’.

And to our designer Tim: Dude, what can I say? A few years ago this was a dream to me. Now sitting on international levels BLOWS MY MIND!! You have helped me reach a dream of being able to help, even while I’m out of a truck. THANK YOU!!

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read this.

Have a great, and SAFE day all!!

~ Moe Timcoe